Our Team

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Bradford Gessner, MD, MPH

Primary Investigator

Dr. Bradford Gessner is the primary investigator of Africhol and scientific director of AMP.

Dr. Gessner has participated in several large clinical trials, authored more than 100 peer-reviewed journal articles, and served as an expert consultant to the WHO on panels dealing with meningitis, yellow fever, and respiratory infections, including influenza. His areas of expertise include vaccine-preventable diseases, pediatric epidemiology, polysaccharide encapsulated organisms, and respiratory syncytial virus infection (RSV).


Martin Mengel, MD, MSc, MSE

Project Director

Dr. Martin Mengel is the project director of Africhol. In this role, he is responsible for overall project lead and all day-to-day activities related to project implementation. He works with other members of the Africhol team including the Project Manager, Africa Field Coordinator, Country Focal Points, Laboratory Expert, and partners.

Prior to joining AMP’s Africhol team in 2011, Mengel completed the European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.


Berthe Njanpop-Lafourcade, PHD

Laboratory Expert

Dr. Berthe-Marie Njanpop-Lafourcade is the laboratory expert for Africhol. In this role, she communicates laboratory objectives to biologists working in the field and collaborates with them to develop standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Before joining AMP in 2002, Dr. Njanpop-Lafourcade worked at the county veterinary laboratory in Corrèze (Tulle), where she set up a PCR lab for the diagnosis of spongiform encephalopathy in cattle. Prior to that, she worked in a veterinary laboratory in northern Cameroon, focusing on bacterial zoonoses and vaccine production.


Leonard Heyerdahl

Project Operations Manager / Associate researcher in Social Anthropology

As project operations manager for Africhol, Leonard Heyerdahl develops work plans, determines budgets, and oversees project implementation processes in Africhol countries. 
As Research Associate in Social Anthropology, Heyerdahl participates in proposal development, study implementation, qualitative data collection and analysis.

Prior to joining AMP in 2010, he worked at the World Food Program, the International AIDS Society, and other development organizations, mostly in Latin America. 


Raymond Bekithemba Mhlanga, BSc, MBChB

Regional Coordinator

Dr. Raymond Bekithemba (Themba) Mhlanga, based in Harare, Zimbabwe is the Coordinator for Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. He is responsible for assisting the member countries in monitoring and implementing all day to day activities of Africhol and special activities such as outbreak investigations. He also assures the optimal responsiveness of the project coordination team to country requests.


Delphine Sauvageot, MSc, EPIET

Regional Coordinator

Delphine Sauvageot joined the Africhol team in July 2013 as regional coordinator for Ivory Coast, Guinea-Conakry, Togo and Democratic Republic of Congo. In this role, she is responsible of the project implementation and monitoring in these countries.


Richard Wood

Senior Data Analyst

Richard Wood is the Senior Data Analyst and Database Administrator with Africhol. He is responsible for designing and developing data systems to ensure data quality within the project and thus timely and effective data analysis. Richard also applies his knowledge of geographical information systems to provide a spatial data analysis perspective to understanding Cholera.


Johara Nadri


Johara Nadri joined the Africhol team on October 2013 as a Field Epidemiologist based in Côte d’Ivoire. She is involved in data cleaning-, processing- and analysis, literature review and supports our research activities and consortium management.

Prior to Africhol, Johara worked for the French National Institute of Health and Medical research (Inserm, Paris) as a research associate in the protocol development and operational coordination of a nationwide study on cardiovascular risk factors.


Lan Ngo

Knowledge Manager

Lan Ngo is Africhol’s knowledge manager as of December 2011. She gathers, edits and publishes all cholera information relevant to Africa on the Africhol website.

Prior to joining Africhol she built the extensive literature database on immunization practices for the SIVAC Initiative (www.sivacinitiative.org), also led by AMP. Before that, she worked at the international audit and law firms Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young.