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Guide Choléra 2014
Pharmacie & Aide Humanitaire (PAH) - September 2014

Lutter contre le choléra ! Le rôle des secteurs EAH et SMPS dans la lutte contre le choléra (Practical guide)
Action Contre la Faim (ACF) - February 2014 

Unicef Cholera Toolkit (in English)
Guide pratique de lutte contre le choléra de l'Unicef (en français)
Unicef - 2013

Guidance on how to access the Oral Cholera Vaccine (OCV) from the ICG emergency stockpile
World Health Organization - 13 September 2013

Comprehensive Integrated Strategy for Cholera Prevention and Control
Coalition for Cholera Prevention and Control - August 2013

Cholera Outbreak Guidelines - Preparedness, Prevention and Control
Elizabeth Lamond and Jesee Kinyanjui
Oxfam GB - June 2012

Oral cholera vaccines in mass immunization campaigns: guidance for planning and use
World Health Organization - 2010 

The Immunological Basis for Immunization Series: Module 14: Cholera
Rupak K. Badra, Santasabuj Das, G. Balakrish Nair
WHO - Department of Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals - June 2010

Cholera Vaccines: WHO position paper / Vaccins anticholériques : note d'information de l'OMS
WHO Weekly Epidemiological Record
No.13, 26 March 2010, 85, 117–128

WHO position paper on prevention and control of cholera outbreaks
Global Task Force on Cholera Control - 25 November 2008